Web Design

We can help you with specific web design needs such as a sight refresh as well as full design packages which include a web site, logo, Facebook page and search engine optimisation. We can also work with you to set up an online shop for your products and create email marketing campaigns to promote your business.

Business Technology Consulting

We can work with you over a series of sessions to understand your business and how you use technology. From this we can provide recommendations to reduce your business expenses and use technology more effectively in your business.

Infrastructure & Cloud Consulting

Maybe you’re just starting your journey into the cloud or perhaps you’re an old hat when it comes to cloud. We can help you use cloud services effectively to reduce your costs and improve your business. In all the hype people sometimes forget that in-house infrastructure also has a place – we can help with your storage and networking needs to keep your staff and customers connected and data safe.

Software Development Consulting

Have you been using Waterfall models to develop applications in your business. Are you interested in understanding how Agile development methodologies can reduce project costs and deliver more quickly? We understand that some business processes may be outside of your control (e.g. financial approval) and can shape an Agile methodology to work within these boundaries. We can also help you build a case for change to shift current mindsets of Agile.

As well as the business side of software development methodologies we can help you set up the technical side such continuous delivery, making use of new technologies including Docker and Ansible where appropriate.

We also have extensive experience with enterprise technologies such as IBM WebSphere (including the Integration Suite) and can help you with these technologies and how to utilise them effectively within a continuous delivery model.

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